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Science-Vision Technology

DLP lens with SXGA resolutionWe develop the ideal optical system for your application.

Science-Vision possesses a broad spectrum of scientific and technical possibilities and achieves pioneer work in numerous new developments in the optics sector. The key technologies presented here shall provide an impression over the diversity of the application ranges that are covered by development and design of Science-Vision.

Applications of DMD

We develop optical systems for DMD applications. DMD is a development of Texas Instruments and describes a digital micromirror device.

DLP – Digital Light Processing

Optical engine for DLP projectorDLP (Digital Light Processing) is an all-digital display solution and a key ingredient in the best digital projectors available today. DLP™ technology uses an optical semiconductor to recreate source material with a fidelity analog systems cannot match. We develop optical engines for such data and video projectors.

UV Imaging

One of our main development fields is UV Imaging, that is the application of DMD where structural photochemical reactions are more efficiently produced by UV rays than by visible light.

Other applications

DMD can also be used for multi-functional spot lights of variable shape or as an optical switch in various applications, for example in signal processing. Again, we develop the ideal optical system for these applications.

Lenses and Lens systems

Lens systemWe have experience of many years in the development of various lenses and lens systems: Zoom lens and vario focal lens (variable focal lens) for projection and imaging, wide angle projection lens for retro projection systems, telecentric lens for measuring systems, spherical and aspherical lenses, relay lens and relay condenser, lenses for fluorescence analysis, as well as variofocal goggles.

Thin Film Coating

Thin film coated glassesWe have many years of experience in the design and development of optical thin film coating, especially in the integration of multiple optical films in complex optical systems. By vacuum deposition of optical coatings (PVD – physical vapour deposition) to glass-air surfaces, properties regarding spectral transmittance or reflection can be adjusted according to desired specifications.

Properties of theoretically designed thin film coating systems can rapidly be verified on sample parts, on demand we conduct environmental compatibility tests, spectral analysis and color measurements. We provide a seamless transition to mass production on one of our SATIS vacuum systems.


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